What Is Stainless Steel And Why Is It So Common?

stainless steel storage tanks

Almost everyone has something in their home that is made of stainless steel and we have all heard the commercials that advertise stainless steel as a major selling point for their products. At this point, most consumers don’t think twice about what stainless steel actually does and just know that anything made of it will be a high-quality product.

But what exactly is stainless steel? Read on to learn what makes stainless steel different from other metals and why so many products, from top-of-the-line dishwashers to stainless steel storage tanks, are made from it.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is actually a generic term for several different steels that are all composed of at least 10.5% chromium by mass. Stainless steel is also typically made of nickel, iron ore, silicon, carbon, manganese, and nitrogen. Nitrogen is a particularly important element, as it is what gives stainless steel its ductility and corrosion resistance.

To make stainless steel, manufacturers melt down this list of raw ingredients with high heat until they combine into a single material. They then cast the molten steel into preliminary molds to aid the steel in the process of getting to its final form. Manufacturers can then remove these raw steel shapes from their molds and fashion them into whatever form they need. For stainless steel storage tanks or stainless steel chemical tanks, manufacturers form them into large vessels that accommodate the needs of their clients.

Why Is Stainless Steel So Common?

Many modern appliances and industrial products are made of stainless steel because of its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, strength, and resistance to rust and corrosion. This last quality is especially important, as consumers and industrial businesses want products that will last a long time and require relatively little upkeep.

Nature is the main force behind corrosion. Most metals only exist in nature when they’re combined with other elements and they will try to return to that state if they can. In the form of precipitation or wind, nature is always trying to combine elements that humans have produced in their pure forms. Luckily, humans needed equipment like stainless steel pressure vessels and found the trick to producing the material that could resist natural forces.

Stainless steel is popular for good reason. It gives individuals and businesses the longevity they need in their appliances and products. Contact Central Fabricators today to learn more about the stainless steel storage tanks and chemical holding tanks that will stand the test of time.

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