Our company was bought from an old-world coppersmith in 1946, and became the 151st company in the world to be awarded an A.S.M.E. Certificate to build vessels for chemical process industries.

Central Fabricators has since branched out from a tradition of copperworks for breweries to vessels for many industries, ranging from food to chemical to pharmaceuticals.

We have 35,000 square feet of floor space and 10,000 more for storage and shipping. The only limit on your job is what railroads and trucks can carry. We have produced vessels which when shipped measured 16 feet in diameter and 85 feet long. We can move equipment weighing 32 tons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our 77 plus years of experience fabricating custom process equipment to companies seeking a new or competitive alternative to their current supplier. Ultimately we want the opportunity to build to your exact specifications and deliver on schedule a quality product, as we have for the fine companies who have been with us since 1946.

Central Fabricators, Inc.
Central Fabricators, Inc.
Central Fabricators, Inc.

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