As an experienced jacketed tank manufacturer, we specialize in the production of conventional jackets for ASME Code tanks and pressure vessels.

Conventional jackets are used to heat and cool the contents of a tank or vessel. These jackets create an annular section that allows for heating and cooling medium to flow throughout. Our ASME code tanks, pressure vessels and storage tanks can be outfitted with a jacket that meets your unique tank heating jacket and cooling jacket needs.

This Type 1 jacketed vessel, made of 304SS with a 1,000 gallon capacity, has internal spiral baffling. The carbon steel jacket has been built for 100 PSI at full vacuum and made to withstand temperatures as high as 400°F.
This Type 2 jacket, rated at 75 PSI, covers a 500 gallon vessel. The vessel itself is rated for 50 PSI and has a custom-made agitator mount. All the material is carbon steel.
Conventional jackets are the best for pressure vessels that have low pressure applications, and they have a low price point for vessels that are smaller (i.e., <100 gallons).

The conventional jacket tank can be custom built to your specifications.

We are a trusted jacketed tank manufacturer because we never sacrifice quality and functionality; we always deliver the best products and serve our clients with respect and integrity. Contact us today to learn more about our tank heating jackets and cooling jackets.

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