Central Fabricators is your source for professional half-pipe jacket design and manufacturing services. Half-pipe jacketing provides excellent heat transfer for heating or cooling the contents of your tank. Typically meant for higher temperature applications, half-pipe fits the outside or underside of your tanks so steam or cooling water can continuously flow. We also sell half-pipe for your DIY projects in your plant on existing equipment.

Half-pipe jackets welded to a storage tank or pressure vessel are excellent tools for heating or cooling the contents of a tank. Half-Pipe is just what it sounds like, one half of a pipe and it is welded to the outside of the tank to allow hot oil or steam to run along the outside of the tank, providing excellent heat transfer to the contents of the tank. It can also be used for cooling in the same manner with cold water. We custom manufacture pressure vessel reactors with various half-pipe jacket configurations to meet your specific heating and cooling needs. All of our half-pipe jacketed pressure vessels and reactors are in strict accordance with the Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME code. We have been building half-pipe jacketed reactors and half-pipe configured tanks since 1946 and have a wealth of experience in the industry. Half-Pipe is typically used on higher temperature applications where the contents of the tank need to be maintained at elevated temperatures or need to heat up or cool down rapidly. We handle the manufacturing of half-pipe jacketed pressure vessels and reactors in house and have the capability of rapid turnaround.

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CS Half-Pipe Storage Tank D-16
Half-Pipe Pressure Vessel G-77 with CS Half-Pipe
SS Half-Pipe Pressure Vessel (Reactor) H-59
SS Half-Pipe Jacketed Pressure Vessel J-43
SS Jacketed Pressure Vessel L-15
SS Half-Pipe Jacketed Pressure Vessel J-43
SS Half-Pipe Jacketed Pressure Vessel J-50
U-31 SS Half-Pipe Reactor
SS Half-Pipe Jacketed Pressure Vessel J-50

This 3,000 gallon pressure vessel [right] reactor is wrapped in 3″ half-pipe made of carbon steel. When in service, it will be supported by four anchor “chairs.”

The inconel 3″ half-pipe jackets are engineered to provide three independent heating/cooling zones on this vessel with a capacity of 5,000 gallons.

Carbon steel throughout, this vessel [left] features a half-pipe jacket custom designed to accommodate space limitations. The 2″ x 5″ rectangular cross-section provides maximum surface coverage.

This 2,500 gallon pressure vessel reactor has a 3″ half-pipe which is a parallel, dual-circuit system with a manifold inlet/outlet design for ease of piping. Leg attachment design allows vessel to be supported independent of the vessel half-pipe.

Our standard half-pipe jacket will handle 250 PSI at 400°F. Jackets requiring high pressure and temperature can be custom-fabricated to meet your needs.

Most half-pipe jackets are constructed of stainless steel. However custom jackets are also available in:

  • Inconel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Monel
  • Incoloy, and others

Half-pipe jackets range in size from 1″ to 6″ (pipe diameter) and can be made for any size vessel.

Jackets are in compliance with the ASME code.

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