While Central Fabricators takes pride in manufacturing custom equipment, we also offer horizontal and vertical pressure vessels that can be tailored to your needs and are ready to ship.

We ship vertical and horizontal pressure vessels nearly anywhere within the continental US; simply choose from our model specifications below.


g-220These multi-functional standard vertical pressure vessels are rated at least 150 PSI at 300°F as well as a full vacuum from -20°F to 600°F. Higher temperatures and pressure ratings are available.

The Standard Pressure Vessels and Standard Storage Tanks are in stock and ready to be customized to meet your needs for immediate delivery.

Please call 1-800-909-TANK (8265) for updated pricing or request a quote via email at the bottom of this page.

  • Each vessel has two lifting lugs and stands on a skirt with four hold-down tabs and has a 6″ handhole for cleanout.
  • Exterior carbon steel surfaces are primer painted.
  • Standard vessel nameplate stamping is full vacuum and 150psi @ 300°F. Add $45 for a different nameplate stamping.
  • Each contains two 3″ flanged fittings and the following NPT female couplings: One 2″ and three 3/4″.
  • A.S.M.E Code stamped.


HeightSkirt O.D.Overall
MaterialEmpty Weight
G-220 A6020″36″16″60″304390
G-220 B9020″60″16″84″304510
G-220 C16024″72″20″96″304640
G-220 D30030″84″26″110″304850
G-220 E6020″36″16″60″C.S.360
G-220 F9020″60″16″84″C.S.420
G-220 G16024″72″20″96″C.S.590
G-220 H30030″84″26″110″C.S.780
G-220 J6020″36″16″60″316L390
G-220 K9020″60″16″84″316L510
G-220 L16024″72″20″96″316L640
G-220 M30030″84″26″110″316L850

Nozzle Designation

MarkQuantityOutside Description
A13/4″ 3000# NPT Full Coupling
B23″ SCH 40 PIPE & 300# RFSO FLG.
C23/4″ 3000# NPT Full Coupling
D16″ SCH 40 PIPE & 300# RFSO FLG. & 300# Blind FLG. & Gasket & Bolts w/Nut
E12″ 3000# NPT Half Coupling

Diagram & Pressure / Temperature Ratings



g-240Our versatile standard horizontal pressure vessels handle a variety of liquid and gaseous products, including compressed air.

  • Rated at least 150psi @ 300° as well as full vacuum from -20°F to 600°F (Higher temperatures and pressure ratings are available).
  • All vessel fittings are female NPT couplings.
  • Each comes with two carbon steel saddles.
  • Exterior carbon steel surfaces are primer painted.
  • All vessels are built, tested, and stamped A.S.M.E Code and National Board Registered.


Outside DiameterLengthOverall LengthMaterialEmpty Weight
G-240 A5516″48″61″304450
G-240 B11024″48″64″304530
G-240 C17530″48″67″304700
G-240 D25030″72″91″304800
G-240 E5516″48″61″C.S.420
G-240 F11024″48″64″C.S.500
G-240 G17530″48″67″C.S.660
G-240 H25030″72″91″C.S.760
G-240 J5516″48″61″316L450
G-240 K11024″48″64″316L530
G-240 L17530″48″67″316L700
G-240 M25030″72″91″316L800

Nozzle Designation

A, E, J1/2″1/2″1/2″1 1/2″1/2″3/4″1/2″1/4″
B, F, K1″1″2″1 1/2″3/4″2″3/4″1/4″
C, G, L1 1/2″1 1/2″2″1 1/2″3/4″2″3/4″1/4″
D, H, M2″2″2″2″1″2″1″1/4″

Diagram & Pressure / Temperature Ratings

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