Common Warning Signs Of Pressure Vessel Fatigue You Need To Know


Pressure vessels need careful inspections during manufacturing and operations because they’re designed to operate in diverse environments and conditions. A major part of these inspections is detecting any fatigue or failure points that could have an impact on the pressure vessels and how it works.

It’s important to understand how fatigue can occur whether your pressure vessel is brand new or it’s been working for your business for years. When you know the warning signs of fatigue and failure, you can prevent possible problems from turning into disastrous disruptions.

How do I know when my pressure vessel is fatigued?

Your pressure vessel will undergo a variety of inspections including a physical top to bottom inspection. This physical inspection ought to put an emphasis on the parts of your pressure vessel that are especially vulnerable to fatigue. These parts include inlet and outlet ports, valves, valve stems, maintenance hatches, and sensor ports.

If you notice any of the following signs in these areas, your pressure vessel may be suffering from fatigue.

    • Rust or oxidation
    • Material pitting
    • Frozen or sticky latches
    • Loose nuts or bolts
    • Material discoloration
    • Cracks that can be spotted with a magnifying glass
    • Bowing piping
    • Piping that’s out of alignment
    • Chemical corrosion
    • Material weakening
    • Valves that require effort to turn

When you notice any of the above signs of pressure vessel fatigue, it’s crucial to take corrective measures immediately. A pressure vessel that shows signs of fatigue ought to be placed in a no-load condition until a certified inspection can be conducted.

Check your manufacturing records

You need regular certified inspections on your pressure vessel, but cursory inspections can also help you to identify the parts that need your attention. It’s important at this stage to consult the manufacturing records and documents that came with your pressure vessels to help you figure out which areas may be facing fatigue.

The pressure vessel manufacturer may have noted areas of concern in the records. If they did, check these areas for any signs of fatigue. A pressure vessel fatigue analysis is performed during manufacturing to determine the fatigue life of different parts of your vessel.

When you know the results of the analysis and the length of the pressure vessel’s operation, you can point out the specific areas that may need a primary inspection.

Where can I find a pressure vessel manufacturer near me?

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