Standard Steel Chemical Storage Tank Supplier

As trusted chemical storage tank suppliers, our steel chemical storage tanks are both reliable and economical.

G-200 – These economical steel chemical storage tanks come with a 2B mill finish and are available for immediate shipment.

The standard pressure vessels and industrial chemical storage tanks are in stock and can be quickly customized and ready for immediate delivery.

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  • The cone bottom and center drain (1″ FNPT) allow for complete drainage.
  • Removable painted carbon steel legs make for easier access in difficult locations.
  • Available with wettable parts of 304SS and 316LSS.


Model Capacity
Outside Diameter Straight Side Top Angle Diameter Overall Height Material Empty Weight
G-200 A 30 18″ 30″ 20″ 45″ 304 121
G-200 B 50 22.75″ 30″ 24.75″ 45″ 304 153
G-200 C 80 30″ 30″ 32″ 45″ 304 202
G-200 D 30 18″ 30″ 20″ 45″ 316L 121
G-200 E 50 22.75″ 30″ 24.75″ 45″ 316L 153
G-200 F 80 30″ 30″ 32″ 45″ 316L 202

Optional Loose Lids

Our industrial chemical storage tanks have two lid options. Our Hinged Lid is hinged at the center for access without removing the entire lid.

Model Lid O.D.
G-200 A 21″
G-200 B 25.75″
G-200 C 33″
G-200 D 21″
G-200 E 25.75″
G-200 F 33″


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