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Storage Tanks


We manufacture custom storage tanks for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food process industries. To ensure a quality product, all of our fabricators are ASME certified. Over 50 years of experience fabricating custom process equipment, allows us to accommodate special customer requirements and specifications, while staying in strict accordance with all ASME, API and UL codes.


 CS Storage Tank G-62A 
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 CS Storage Tank H-57 
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 CS Storage Tank H-60 
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 CS Storage Tank J-4 
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 CS Storage Tank K-51 
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 SS Storage Tank K-39B 
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 CC Storage Tank L-4 
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 CC Storage Tank L-4 
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 SS Storage Tank K-89 
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 Storage Tank T-78 
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ASME Code Stainless Steel Tanks



This slurry storage tank with an agitator mount is made out of 304 stainless steel, has a flat bottom, flat top and measures 12' outside diameter and 14' long.



This cone bottom, flat top storage tank measures 10'-4" outside diameter, is 23' long and is made from 304 stainless steel.



This custom-made storage tank, manufactured from 316L stainless steel, has a flat bottom and flat top and measures 10' outside diameter and 33' high. It is shown here ready for shipment to a chemical processing facility.


  • Tank sizes are limited only by the ability to ship via rail or truck.
  • Compliance with customer specifications is one of our strengths.
  • The Machining of all vessel components is done on-site with turning capacity of 6' diameter. Larger sizes are handled at an off-site location.
  • Most of our tanks are stainless steel, but we also make equipment from a variety of other metals.
  • Our tanks can be horizontal or vertical and have many uses including storage, mixing, sedimentation and separation.


This rectangular separator tank
has a flip-top lid and measures 3' x 3' x 6'.



Distillation Column: 4' diameter x 85' tall one-piece construction, shipped complete from our facility.
Middle and far left: 12' diameter x 30' tall with a capacity of 25,000 gallons. These tanks are flat bottom, cone-top designs constructed to meet API 650 specifications and were shipped complete from our facility.
Near left: 15' diameter x 30' tall with a capacity of 40,000 gallons.



This vessel has an internal heating coil and was made for use in a chemical plant. It has a cone top for use outdoors and a flat sloping bottom to enable full drainage. It has a 12' outside diameter and is 32' overall height. It is shown here ready for shipment from our facility.



This 34,000 gallon tank was built, hydrotested, blasted, painted, and shipped complete from our facility. Measuring 37' long, 15' wide and 12' high and weighing 55,000 pounds empty, this large tank traveled through three states to reach its destination.


  • We can manufacture any size tank that can be shipped by truck or rail.
  • Our recent overhead crane additions increase our in-house weight capacity to 32 tons.
  • Our tank rolls will handle cylindrical tanks weighing 40 tons.
  • The majority of our tanks have capacities from 500 to 25,000 gallons, but we also make custom tanks and vessels as small as one gallon. Most pressure vessels range from 200 to 10,000 gallons.


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