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President's Message


Thank you for your interest in Central Fabricators, Inc., a second generation corporation, expanding to a national supplier of process equipment, Our products include ASME Code Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Reactors made from stainless or carbon steel, as well as other alloys.


After 50 years of service to our regional customers, my commitment for the decade of the 2000's was to upgrade and modernize all areas of the company before taking the company nationwide.


After several years of very successful expansion of our sales territory, I now feel confident that we can provide the same customer service and satisfaction to any region in the United States.


I hope that you will allow us the opportunity of quoting your next equipment requirement, and should you favor us with an order, you will recieve quality products at competitive prices and on-time deliveries.


CAD Technology, Computerized Engineering, Modernized Metal Fabricating and Material Handling Machinery, Experienced Metal Workers and Ceritfied Welders, ASME Certification (U & R), and a strictly-adhered-to Quality Control Program are the foundations of our ever growing company.


Please call me or any one of our sales representatives at 1-800-909-TANK for a quotation, brochures, or an in-person sales call. Your request will be handled professionally and quickly.


Thanks again for visiting our Web site and I look forward to hearing from you.




David J. Angner