Field Tank Repairs


Tank Repairs


All storage tanks and Pressure Vessels will eventually require maintenance. Some will need minor repairs while others will need more extensive alterations or reconstruction. A tank may also need to be altered for functional purposes. Move a nozzle, add a nozzle, lengthen the straight side, replace the top. Maybe your aging vessel has a leak. Whatever the need, Central Fabricators can help you with your repair or alteration needs. We have the equipment and experience to get you up and running fast. Time is money. We will respond immediately to your call.


Central Fabricators is an ASME & API Code certified shop. We can help you with your ASME & API Code field repair needs. We can supply the paperwork to keep you in compliance and the experienced welders to get you back in business.



We can also perform an Ultrasonic Thickness inspection on your tank or pressure vessel to help you make the decision for repair or replacement of your equipment. This inspection can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your equipment.


The field services we can provide include:


  • Shell, roof and bottom repairs or replacements
  • Roof structural repairs or replacements
  • Nozzle and manway repairs, relocations or replacements
  • Repair of defective welds
  • Vacuum rings to prevent implosion
  • Cut-down, move and re-erect tanks
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Testing
  • Tank erection


Field Erection of New Tankage


Central Fabricators can provide for you the equipment, the paperwork, and manpower for all your tank and pressure vessel field-erecting needs. We can build your tank from start to finish on-site. We are located in Ohio and can easily service the surrounding areas. Give us a call and let's get started!


Information available to help assist you in getting Central Fabricators, Inc. authorized and approved for work in your facility include:

  • References
  • Legal Info
  • License & Certification Info
  • Insurance Info
  • HSE Program and Policies
    • HSE Procedures
    • Employee Training
    • Hazard Communication
    • Refresher Training
    • Medical Management of Work Related Injuries/Illnesses
    • On-Site Supervision to Ensure Compliance with HSE Regulations
  • OHSA History
  • Environmental Practices
  • Heavy Equipment Operation and Training
  • Quality Control System Registrations
  • Supplier Diversity & EDI


Call or e-mail us and we'll provide this information to you!

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