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Engineering and Design Services


Preparing your RFQ

Do you need information to help you prepare your RFQ? We can help.


Have you ever sent out an RFQ for competetive bid and received bids that left you with more questions than answers? Chances are your RFQ was not specific enough. Let us help you get specific with your RFQ, from material thicknesses, to types of supports, to types of Heads, and specific internal and external tank requirements. All these factors can combine to result in bids that vary widely in price and content. Compare apples to apples and make your decision easy. Let us help you get specific with your RFQ.  Contact us today and lets get to work on your RFQ. 


Have you been involved in a project where you were hit with too many extra charges?  If you have your RFQ prepared by our expert Pressure Vessel staff, the result will be accurate data for the Pressure Vessel you need and reduced costs in add ons and extras.  The project cost will decrease.  All the pricing will be up front, during the competitive bid stage.  You'll save money.  Call us today and let's get your project in under budget.


Existing Pressure Vessels in Your Plant


Do you have an existing Vessel in your Plant for which you need ASME Code calculations? We can help. Section VIII, Div. I of the ASME Code was designed to help make the operations of pressure vessels safe and uniform. We can provide you with calculations to let you know if you are approaching an unsafe condition in your plant. Let us help.


Do you have concerns an existing corroded vessel in your plant may fail? Why wonder? We can perform ultrasonic thickness tests on the vessel and generate calculations that will make the decision for you.



Engineering Services


  • ASME Section VIII, Division I Pressure Vessel Design
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Wind Analysis
  • Leg & Support Lug Design
  • Anchor Bolt Design
  • OHSA approved ladder, platform and handrail design
  • API 620 and API 650 Storage Tank Design


Design/Drafting Services


  • Rough draft of Pressure Vessels for RFQ
  • Detailed fabrication drawings per ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I
  • Detailed fabrication drawings per API 650 and API 620 Code
  • Detailed ladder, platform and handrail drawings
  • All drawings are in AutoCad Format, and can be electronically transferred


Design/Drafting Services


Do you need Welding Procedures? We can generate procedures for a variety of processes and alloys. We can guide you through the process of getting your procedures qualified, and your operators certified.


Payment Services


We accept payment in any of the following ways:


  • Purchase Order
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Transfer